New Members

Hart House Chamber Strings is a student run ensemble and welcomes current University of Toronto students and non-student members.

If you're interested in joining us, you're welcome to shoot us an email, join us on Facebook, or simply just show up at our drop-in rehearsals each year in September! This year, our drop-in rehearsal is on Monday, September 11, 2017, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the East Common Room at Hart House.

There is a membership fee to help pay for room rentals, photocopying, and food before concerts.


*“Student” means any student who has paid ancillary fees as part of their academic program, “Member” refers to those who have a full fitness centre membership.

To pay your membership fee, visit the Hart House Information Hub (Main Desk) located on the main floor and inform a staff member that you want to pay for membership to "Hart House Chamber Strings".

Current Members

In the 2016-2017 season, Hart House Chamber Strings had 42 members who paid the membership fee:

Violin I

Violin II


  • Felicity Liu*+
  • Carolyn Brown
  • Rosalinda Chen
  • Emily Crawley
  • Crystal Huang
  • Yi Fei Huang
  • Jessica Kennedy
  • Harry Lau
  • Mary Li
  • Arn Macpherson
  • Dongwoo Shin
  • Vanessa Silano
  • Julia Silano
  • Lily Song
  • Jonah Toth
  • Ryan Zizzo*
  • Nora Abdelgadir
  • Anne Beach Johnston
  • Wenjia Dai
  • Myriam Dilindi
  • Katarina Galat
  • Daniel Hendrickson
  • Nahyeon Kim
  • Ivan Lung
  • Rachel O'Shea
  • Emily Poulton
  • Christine Qian
  • Vanessa Sanchez
  • Broqachel Wu*
  • John Lee
  • Natalie Yeung



  • Anneliese Mills*
  • Judy Ginsberg
  • Diana Baek
  • Aisling Baroey
  • Irie C Yingji J Sun
  • Grace Deng
  • Bence Linder
  • JiaoJiao Lu
  • Runjia Robert Mao
  • Seung Gwan
  • Robert Kettle*

* section principles

+ concert master

The Executive Team

The executives are formed by Hart House Chamber Strings members who volunteer their time to its logistics and administration. The executive committee is usually formed in April, after the final concert.

President Wenjia Dai
Vice-President/Cello Section Head Judy Ginsberg
Treasurer Robert Mao
Communications Officer/1st Violin Section Head Lily Song
Events Coordinator Anne Johnston
Librarian/2nd Violin Section Head Nora Abdelgadir
Webmaster Yi Fei Huang